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Buyers on Both Ends of the Spectrum Seek Value and Options in Australia's Rural Reaches

As real estate prices in every major urban Australian market continue to rise, buyers are starting to look elsewhere. This movement, in fact, began a number of years ago, as buyers feeling priced out of property in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and other major cities increasingly stretched the ranges within which they were willing to look. Today, especially as more people pursue career arrangements that allow them to work remotely, rural properties in Australia are attracting the attention of a significant minority of all buyers.

Listing agency Colliers, for example, has done brisk business for years now in properties located well outside the traditional population centers. The most desirable ones of all, of course, remain within easy driving distance of those hot spots, even if that sometimes means a trip of two hours or more. Buyers looking into such properties, in fact, tend to be less concerned with such matters than with finding an appealing combination of price and satisfying rural living.

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Rural properties for Farms for sale in NSW have been among the most popular and widely sought after in recent years. With Sydney serving as the center point that most buyers in the state arrange their searches around, parcels ranging from converted farm properties to smaller, isolated cabins have been striking real chords with the buying public.

One major sale in the state recently, for example, involved a property that had, for many years, served as a working commercial farm. A residential buyer had taken it over around a decade back, slowly tearing down many of the specifically agricultural improvements and extending the farm house itself. What remained in the end was a veritable manor of a kind that had formerly been hard to find in New South Wales.

As soon as the property went on the market, it attracted attention from a number of motivated, qualified buyers. At least two of these were from among Sydney’s business elite, being mature corporate leaders looking for a place to begin to settle down into. The bidder who successfully won the property in the end, though, was a recent transplant to Australia who ran a rapidly growing technology firm. Eventually, the property was turned into a sort of retreat for the use of the company’s hard-working employees.

Stories like that one are increasingly common among Australia’s rural real estate properties. Even more so, however, are those of a more ordinary sort, with everyday buyers finding bargains that are simply not available anymore in the cities.

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